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What have we been up to?
Well, yesterday Graham (our chairman of trustees) and Rachel (our Befriending service coordinator) spoke at the Bolton CVS Volunteer and Community Forum to a packed room full of people!
We spoke about who we are, what we do, and how the Befriending Service works
Lots of people were very interested in our organisation and many wanted to support us by taking leaflets away and spreading the word about our service!

Come and join us at our monthly support meetings!

We have had a break over the winter period, but we are back this month.

The meeting will be held at Bolton Cares, Thicketford road centre on Wednesday the 27th @2pm.

Come and share expereinces, knowledge and support with other autistic indiviuals and family members in the Bolton area

The Autism Act 2009 states that all health and social care staff must be trained in autism… It doesn’t however specify to what level they must be trained.
The government and National Autistic Society want to hear you views and experiences on the content, who delivers the training and the level of training you think staff need to have.
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This week an autistic adult was named the Greatest Person of the 20th century.

ALAN TURING was a code breaker during the second world war who through his amazing way of experiencing the world cracked the enigma code, ending the war years earlier than it would have done had his brilliant mind had not been working on the task.
Turing was the father of all computers…a piece of equipment we take for granted now in the 21st century…laptops, xbox’s, phones…any computer, big or small, Turing was the father of them all and his legacy lives on…..

Chris Packham, another inspirational autistic adult spoke of Turing at the ceremony saying

“A genius. A saviour. But he was also autistic and gay, and we betrayed him.”


“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” ― Alan Turing


Click here to watch Chris Packham’s incredibly moving speech about Turing. 
BBC Two – Icons: The Greatest Person of the 20th Century, Series 1, Live Final, Chris Packham on Alan Turing



As most of our supporters and followers will know, 10yrs ago the Autism Act was created.

It was a set of government guidelines which aimed to support and protect autistic adults.

The Autism Act is now 10 years old and the National Autistic Society in collaboration with the All Party Parlimentary Group on Autism want to know your views on it!

Please, please complete the survey to get your views across about how the act has worked, or hasn’t worked for you, your family your workplace or any other situation which affects autistic adults.

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