About Us

We are a family social and support group for parents/carers of children (18 plus) who have, or think they may have, an Autism Spectrum Condition (such as Asperger’s Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism) and who have or may have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Our History

In 2013 Bolton Council invited families impacted by autism to a parent/carers meeting in response to a growing awareness of autism and the requirement placed upon Councils to engage with autistic families to help plan for their range of needs. After a period of 10 months, the Council was unable to provide the support required to ensure the group’s future, and from discussions with members of the group, the group became self-supporting under the name of Bolton Adult Asperger Support. There followed a period of rapid activity with the development of a constitution and governing body. Soon after its constitution was agreed upon, the organisation began the process of applying for charitable status with the very valuable help of Bolton CVS. In June 2015 charitable status was granted.

In July 2015 BAAS organised a hugely successful autism seminar to raise awareness of autism that attracted 175 delegates comprised of parents and carers from families impacted by autism, professionals, and a host of other voluntary organisations. There were 6 workshops, a marketplace with 25 participating organisations, 2 local speakers, and nationally /internationally renowned autism experts.

BAAS members regularly participate in activities designed to promote BAAS and all it does to help improve the lives of Bolton’s autism community.

BAAS has developed partnerships with Bolton Cares (an arms-length organisation/offshoot of the Council) and Bolton University that seconds DWP and many other organisations.

In 2017 BAAS changed its name from Bolton Adult Asperger Support to Bolton Adult Autism Support in recognition of the increasing usage of the more empirical reference to Autism Spectrum Conditions. Our Journey continues!

Our Mission

Our aim is to support the families of these adults/young adults and the wider community by providing an effective and reliable information service through drop-in sessions, workshops, a companion for PIP appointments, job interviews, and more, to promote social understanding, and emotional and physical well-being. We listen to, and respect the adults’/young adults’ views and opinions, and actively involve them in any decisions that may affect them. We work to the best of our abilities with the adults/young adults, and their families, regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion, or cultural beliefs.

Our aims

  • to gather and share information about Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs) within the Bolton area,
  • to provide support to both those with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs) and their carers, whether diagnosed or not.
  • to liaise with and establish partnership arrangements with other organisations,
  • to help break down all barriers faced by those with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs) that prevent them from enjoying a healthy, meaningful, and dignified life.

Our objectives

To view our objectives, please click on the BAAS Constitution below.

Click here to download the complete BAAS Constitution >

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What BAAS do

We hold our monthly committee meeting on the last Wednesday of each month from 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm at Thicketford Care and Community Centre, Thicketford Road, Bolton BL2 2LW. (Currently, these are held on Zoom due to the pandemic). Our meetings are an opportunity for members to exchange information and advice in a friendly, secure, and confidential environment. We also frequently arrange guest speakers on various topics associated with Autism to keep us all up to date.

We work in partnership with a number of organisations that include, Bolton Council,  (Adult and Children’s Services) Bolton CVS, NAS, ASGMAGMPA, Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust, and Breaking Barriers / ABAG.

General information

BAAS is a voluntary, not-for-profit registered charity, fully constituted. We are full members of Bolton Community and Voluntary Services. We specialise in supporting young adults/adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs), who suffer from social and communication difficulties caused by ASCs and introduce them into inclusive social settings. We also support the families and carers of these young adults/adults and the wider community.

The Charity Commission has approved BAAS as a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1162560.

Our committee structure

The activities of the group are overseen by a committee of elected officers (trustees), which include: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Additionally, the group’s constitution provides for up to six non-executive committee members, one of which includes the duties of a Safeguarding Officer.

If you would like any support, advice, or have any questions or comments please contact us.