Make A Donation

By making a donation to BAAS you will be helping us to build on our existing Befriending Plus Service, enabling us to go further in supporting autistic adults and their families, to reach their aspirations, improve their life experiences and overall wellbeing.

Giving £5 will enable a volunteer befriender to
take an autistic adult out for a cup of coffee

Giving £10 will enable us to purchase supplies and activities
for one of our social and life skills evenings

Giving £35 will buy two mobile phones so that our befrienders can
communicate with the autistic adults they befriend

Hear from some of our members to find out how your donation could help them:

“I’m feeling quite lonely at the moment and only have my parents to talk to. Having a befriender would really help me to feel less isolated.”Paul
“Having a befriender helped me to become more sociable and led me to a role that involves befriending the vulnerable and destitute.”Mark
“I love the Befriending Service and what I’ve heard from others about it. I’m lonely, so I’m looking forward to having a friend who understands my autism, and can share my many interests.”

Your donation could help us support autistic adults in Bolton to live a fuller life, decrease their feelings of loneliness and social isolation, and improve their mental health.

Please give today and help us reach even more autistic adults across Bolton.