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World Autism Awareness day 2020

Did you know that today is World Autism Awareness Day?
It started in 2007 and has grown every year with there being a specific ‘theme’ to each year.

Now, for most of us, Autism isn’t a topic to talk about on just one day of the year! For most of us, it is an integral part of who we are or a built-in part of our families and that makes every day an autism awareness day!

Today is really about sharing with those people out there who aren’t lucky enough to know an autistic person! It’s about bringing awareness of autism into their minds….but I always hope that it goes further than that….I always hope that autism awareness days grows into autism acceptance.

As one of the young people at the ICAN network shared today
“Awareness means you know I’m here, Acceptance means you are happy to see me”
(ICAN is an Australian autism charity which supports autistic young people check them out on Facebook here)

This year the theme for World Autism Awareness day is ‘Transitioning into Adulthood’ and here at BAAS this is a very important aspect of the support we provide. We understand that often there are limited support services for adults and we aim to support those transitioning into adulthood by providing signposting, information and social activities.

Please share the message far and wide about autism awareness and acceptance! Every voice matters!
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